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Greenedge Precision Fencing Inc.™ is focused on finding better fencing practices. The One Pass Fencemaker™ is the first of it's kind installing posts and up to 7 strands of Hi-tensile wire in one pass. Not only is the installation quick and accurate - the fence is designed and built to last a lifetime!! It can be used with or without an electric charger.

We use proprietary, steel ground anchoring of the end, corner, and dip posts as well as tension braces that adjust to changing temperature and load. These anchors also serve as superior grounding for electric fences in dry conditions and act as lightning arrestors to protect livestock and fence equipment. Special skidsteer attachments remove old fence - posts and wire - and install conduit under gate areas. Let our operators install a Greenedge Precision fence that will meet your needs for years to come.


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