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Rethink Prosperity.

High-Integrity Soil Sampling and Analysis

Rethink Soil. The Greenedge team offers high-integrity soil sampling and analysis as a turnkey service. Our equipment and mobile lab are ready for deployment anytime, anywhere.

Measure & Improve
Land Regeneration

We offer soil sampling at scale with patented technology and a skilled technical team. Rigorous lab protocols developed with leading soil scientists provide clear, accurate results.

In support of regenerative practices, like rotational grazing, we offer cost-effective fencing strategy, design, and installation. Grazing management just got easier.

Cost-Effective Fencing Strategy and Design

Rethink Fencing. Implementing a rotational grazing program is time- and cost-intensive. There's a better way. Plan, design, and build your fencing strategy with our One-Pass Fence team.

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We provide services to enhance and improve responsible land stewardship worldwide.

Contact our team to discuss actionable practices that aid in improving biological sequestration on your land.