Soil Sampling & Analysis

What do you have to spend to achieve an accurate, scientifically-sound analysis of the carbon in the soil as part of your sequestration projects? With traditional methods, a lot.

The Greenedge™ method provides landowners with much greater efficiency compared to other soil sampling approaches. Pristine, undisturbed soil cores are processed right on site in our mobile soil lab. Our team goes wherever you need us to go, in any weather or season.

Who We Serve
We work with carbon brokers and landowners to verify carbon investments and provide an industry-approved methodology to accurately measure soil carbon.

How it works

After getting to know each other, we learn about your specific needs and ambitions when it comes to your land management and carbon offset projects.

Working with your land imaging and GIS data, we plan sampling site distribution for the most accurate representation of your acreage. Our skilled technicians travel to your site to collect samples guided by our onboard GPS and zeal for the outdoors.

When each sample is collected, it is immediately divided into smaller subsamples and prepared for transport to our mobile lab. Samples are then processed and analyzed individually to acquire accurate bulk density data. After these initial calculations, samples are stabilized and packaged for final carbon analysis.

What we measure

Our soil probe design allows sampling at a greater depth than any existing equipment by nearly 3x. This allows for a complete and accurate soil analysis from each sampling site.

Soil cores are processed right on-site, providing rapid return of bulk density and soil organic carbon (SOC) data.

By The Numbers

Innovative soil probe design does not compact soil, allowing for undisturbed sample collection

Collects soil sample in less than 1 minute

Collects soil cores at greater volumes and depths than existing sampling methods

We average 100 soil samples per day

Understand the real value that exists within your land

From the field to the lab, our technology and process set the gold standard of green investing. Reach out to learn more about partnering with Greenedge to quantify your carbon.