Automated Fencing Installation

Rotational grazing is a widely-adopted practice in grazing and forage management. It provides major benefits to both soil and plants. It can be greatly enhanced by the installation of fences that facilitate how cattle are moved between pastures. The patented Greenedge™ One Pass Fencing attachment makes quick work of installing or replacing electric and non-electric fencing.

Who We Serve
Our fencing services help private landowners who use their land for farming and ranching purposes to easily maintain their rotational grazing systems.

How it works

Save time and money with our automated fencing process that works for both electric and non-electric fencing. We talk through your grazing management plan and discuss the fencing plan that works best for your needs. Once we have a plan and materials in place, it takes our team of two skilled technicians and our patented fencing attachment to install fencing.

Consisting of an automated three-step process, our Greenedge™ technicians can set a post, drill holes and run wire in under 2 minutes. These efficiencies result in the installation of over a mile of fencing per day!

By The Numbers

Patented attachment technology allows for the installation of fence posts in rocky and frozen ground

Set 4-5 in. diameter posts in 5 seconds (10 seconds in rocky ground)

Drill 7 holes for wire through fence post in 3-5 seconds

Time to set post, drill holes, and pull fence wire averages 2 min.

Able to follow natural curves and features of landscape

Explore the efficiencies of our automated fencing system

Installing and replacing fences doesn’t have to be a huge investment of time, money and labor. Reach out to learn more about our fencing services and get your project started today.